Content is everything. Everything is content.

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Hello! I'm Marisol. 

I'm a content specialist, copywriter and purpose-driven marketer

–  all of which add up to Full Story Communications.  

I craft compelling content for companies, non-profit organisations, marketers, executives, communication and brand managers, CSR and PR professionals – for anyone who needs to up their communications game.

  • Share useful content.

  • Engage your audiences.

  • Nurture loyalty ... and sales will follow.

What differentiates you right now?

What do you need?

Copywriting and editing

Ads, product descriptions, reviews, website copy, newsletters, social media posts, direct mail, e-mailers, promotional pieces, features, thought leadership articles, campaign copy, headlines and subject lines.  Or I edit material to improve it, shorten it, elaborate on it – or fix it.

Social media content and management

I design and write posts and will tailor content to suit your objectives. We'll also agree on the most suitable strategy to increase engagement. I can save you time and manage your social pages.

Cause-related marketing

Doing good is good business. Cause-related marketing initiatives differentiate brands, promote engagement, increase customer loyalty and ramp up sales. I will help you to conceptualise your campaign, communicate it credibly and identify the right non-profit partner.

A few samples of my work

* This is a small sample of a vast range of work. If you would like to see something specific, please contact me directly.


Dr. Paul Kariuki:
Executive Director

'Marisol is an excellent copywriter, passionate about communications, an inspired speech writer and excellent facilitator among other aspects! I highly recommend her services.'

Tara Mc Govern:

PR and Digital Communications

'Her expert copy writing skills and strategic mind make her a dynamic partner.'

Richard Solomon: Creative Director

'Her copywriting and creative are consistently excellent and I know she can be trusted to deliver brilliant work by deadline. I highly recommend her for any communications, marketing and copywriting assignment.'

Sarah Scarth:

International Strategy Director

'During my time with Downes Murray International and before then with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, I worked closely with Marisol who I respect as highly creative and an exceptional copywriter.'

What about advice?

Close consulting

Ensuring that your communications are integrated, consumer-centric and are working for you forms part of a monthly advisory service.


We'll get together once a week to strategise, discuss developments, identify opportunities – and act on them – as well as review and adjust our work for the week and month ahead. 

In a digital world, response times need to be immediate. It keeps your finger on the pulse and ensures that you can respond swiftly to opportunities that arise – whether in the mainstream media, with partners or digitally. 


You have a direct line to me when you need to discuss anything communications or marketing related – in addition to meeting every week in person or via Skype. It also means that I contact you when I see an opportunity to advance your agenda or position your brand on an issue.

Mobile Phone

In a digital world, reacting swiftly is key.

Let's work together

The first meeting's on me – so let's chat. 

I'll contact you as soon as I receive your message. 

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​Call: +27 (0) 72 358 9531  or email: Marisol@fullstorycomms.co.za

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